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Web services for USB DAQ (EMAIL)

Web services APIs for iUSBDAQ with video engine. Control, log data and see your remote USB DAQ from anywhere in the worl
d. Free web based client application is included.
Web services for iUSBDAQ released! This provides the possibility to control, log data and
even see the DAQ side remotely, all with just a web browser. No extra client software
needed. This provides a low cost solution for web controlled data acquisition. It opens up
the wide usages, not only for industry, but also can be used in consumer area, such as
remote home monitoring, home automation etc.

This is a set of web services APIs for iUSBDAQ. It should be installed on server side with
the USB DAQ to provide web services. Through consuming the web services, the client
application can control and log data remotely from the USB DAQ. With the web services
enhanced feature (coming out soon), video engine will be included so that the client
application can actually see what happened on the remote DAQ site after taking some

Turn low cost USB DAQ into web based instrument!

Control, log data and see your remote USB DAQ from anywhere in the world!

We provide a free web based client application for users who do not want to create their own client application. With this web based
application, user can go anywhere and control, log data, export data to EXCEL file and see the USB DAQ with just a web browser.
No extra software needed on the client site, but only a web browser with internet access.

Control a Live USB DAQ right from your web browser NOW!

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