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iUSBDAQ FAQ (frequently asked questions)
Question:I plug in the iUSBDAQ into a bus powered hub, and it does not seem to work?
Answer: Don't use bus powered usb hub because it limits the current to max 100mA. You should use a self powered usb hub or
directly connect the iUSBDAQ to usb ports in the computer.

Question: I plug in the iUSBDAQ into usb port, windows popup saying the driver for this hardware is not windows logo certified
and followed by a warning message.
Answer: Ignor this message, just hit "Install Anyway". Our USB driver comes from Microchip, our chip provider, it is safe even
without windows logo certification which is not obligated.

Question: The streaming mode limits the minimum sampling rate to 128HZ, how do I do 1HZ sampling?
Answer: For lower sampling rate, you can use single read mode, and you control the time interval to read, or oversampling with
streaming mode. In next version of iUSBDAQ.dll, we will automatically handle this, not leave this task to end users.

Question: How do I use the PWM outputs to generate analog outputs?
Answer: Please check out below articles for PWM to Analog outputs.
iUSBDAQ - U1208AO can be used as low frequency signal generator
iUSBDAQ PWM outputs can be converted to analog outputs.
AN538 – Using PWM to generate analog output

Question: The PWM outputs high frequency pulse train. How do I generate low frequency pulse train?
Answer: You can toggle digital I/O lines to generate low frequency pulse train. The DIO's update rate is 125HZ in iUSBDAQ.

Question: When I log a large amount of data (long time at higher sampling rate) and try to use the analysis tab in iDAQTest&Log
application to load the logged data, it takes a long time to load.
Answer: The iDAQTest&Log application allows to log data up to 10M samples, but actually, if you really log such big amount of
data, your data file will be very large and it will take a long time to load and you may even have trouble to open a very large data
file in Microsoft Excel. We would recommend log smaller data file so that you can easily load and analyze in iDAQTest&Log

Question: How do I make iUSBDAQ work under windows Vista or windows 7, both 32bit and 64bit OS?
iUSBDAQ does support both vista and windows 7 32bit and 64bit version.
Please read this document iUSBDAQ vista/win7 installation guide

Question: U1208LOG does not work with 4G USB disk or bigger in standalone mode.
Answer: Please use 2GB or smaller USB disk, currently U1208LOG does not.
support 4GB or bigger USB disk.

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