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Video Training Partner Software - NEW!

This is a ready to run video application that can do the following:
1.Realtime video display from directshow supporting cameras, such as usb webcam, firewire camera or DV camcorder.
2. Record video clips.
3. Playback recorded video clips, step through video clip frame by frame.
4. Save and recall video clips.
5. Object learning and matching, fire events (beeping or playing back sound files) when object is in the defined zone.
6.Create thumbnails for video frame sequences and print thumbnails.
7.Adjustable lines for measuring object's distance and angle.
8. Configure camera settings and object matching settings.

This application can be used for sports, clinic, school etc.

Optional: Upgrade to hardware alerting system for firing events such as vibrators that can be attached to body. This feature
is available for extra charge.

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