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iUSBDAQ API (Downloadable)

FREE downloadable device driver, programming API (DLL), LabVIEW drivers, examples for VB, ActiveX,,, C/C++
and Delphi. Also support MacOSX, Linux
Latest News on iUSBDAQ Software:
1. Linux driver for ARM, PPC, X86 was added on March. 3, 09.
2. Bug fixes in LabVIEW interface vis for iUSBDAQ.
3. New version of iDAQTest&Log software 3.1 available.
4. Update VB6.0 example , add example. (Oct. 26, 2009)
5. Add Vista/Win7 32bit and 64bit driver. (Feb. 08, 2010)

Download Full Installation (Last update on Jan. 7, 2007)
This will install the iUSBDAQ device driver, iDAQTest&Log software, LabVIEW interface vis
and examples(LLB), iUSBDAQ User's Guide. It does NOT include the EXTRA section
below. User can chose to download this full installation or download the following files
iUSBDAQ User's Guide 2.2 (Last update on Aug.3, 2007)
Document for iUSBDAQ - U120816 and iUSBDAQ - U1208LOG. It includes hardware
description, hardware and software installation guide, iUSBDAQ.dll programming
references, LabVIEW interface vis descriptions, iDAQTest&Log software operating description, device specification etc. This is PDF file.
This document is included in Full Installation.
CE Declaration of Conformity for iUSBDAQ - U120816

iUSBDAQ WinXP Driver2.1 (Last update on Oct.17, 2007)
iUSBDAQ Vista/Win7 32bit and 64bit Driver (Last update on Feb.08, 2010)
iUSBDAQ vista/win7 installation guide
iUSBDAQ device driver. This install copies the iUSBDAQ.dll into computer system's directory. This file is included in Full
Installation. This driver has to be installed for iUSBDAQ to be recognized by computer and is the base of other iUSBDAQ
software. Please make sure you install this driver or the full installation

Change Log of iUSBDAQ.dll (last updated on June 28, 2007)
iDAQTest&Log 3.1 (Last update on Jan 5, 2008)
This is the ready to run standalone application for testing iUSBDAQ and log measurement data. iUSBDAQ driver should be
installed before running this application. This application is included in Full Installation. Note: please check back
later, our new iDAQTest&Log 3.0 will be available soon. Please check out the new added features here.
Logger Raw Data Conversion Utility (U1208LOG model only)
This is a light utility software that converts the raw data file from USB flash disk (for U1208LOG module) to Excel *.csv
file without using the iDAQTest&Log Software.
LabVIEW Interface Vis and Examples (LLB) (Last update on Dec. 12, 2007)
This LLB includes LabVIEW interface vis for iUSBDAQ and examples. LabVIEW version 7.0 or higher is required for using this
LLB. This file is included in Full Installation.
iUSBDAQ As Sine Wave Generator vi(Last update on Jan.19, 2010)
This vi generates a sine wave output from the modified PWM ports for
iUSBDAQ - U1208AO model.
This is a vi donated by LabVIEW veteran Paul F. Sullivan. This vi has a rough functional equivalent of NI's Acquire N -
Multi-Analog Software using the iUSBDAQ. Analog requires Detect, which is also included.

More Code Examples in VB, C,,, Delphi, ActiveX control, MacOSX, Linux etc.

iUSBDAQ_Console1: C/C++ console example to show how to call iUSBDAQ.dll in C/C++. It shows how to enumerate the devices,
open device session, read 8 analog input data and close device session.
Dot net wrapper class and example(VS2008): this zip file provides the .net wrapper class for iUSBDAQ.dll and an
example to show how to use this wrapper class. The example is a simple GUI that can enumerate devices, open device session,
read 8 analog channels and close device session. (last updated on March.22, 2010).
Visual Basic6.0 example (last updated on Oct.26, 09): this zip file provides a VB example to show how to call iUSBDAQvb.dll
in VB. The example is a simple GUI that can enumerate devices, open device session, read 8 analog channels, streaming mode
data acquisition and close device session.
ActiveX control and example: this zip file provides an activeX control and VB example to show how to call iusbdaqCom.dll
(the activeX control) in VB. Please register the activeX control first before you use it.
Delphi example (last updated on July 7, 2007): this zip file provides a Delphi example to show how to call iUSBDAQvb.dll in
Delphi. Thank Dave Lockwood from UK for providing the original example.
MacOSX Driver and Example: DMG file. This is the MacOSX driver and example contributed by Florian Dejako used for his BMW
M3 race car project with Mac mini. Provided "as is", HYTEK hasn't tested it. But if you find any bug or have any questions,
please contact HYTEK and we will forward your message to the contributor. Note: streaming mode is not available for Mac
Linux Driver and Example(last updated on March.3, 09): This beta version of driver contains the common functions for both
iUSBDAQ - U120816 and iUSBDAQ - U1208LOG. Streaming mode is not supported in this Linux driver, video functions for
U1208LOG are not supported in Linux.
Linux Driver for ARM, PPC and X86 contributed by Philip Rayner from UK:
Linux for ARM , Linux for PPC and Linux for X86
iUSBDAQ- U120816 Feature Overview (Chinese)

Supported Hardware:

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The unique 3-in-1 USB data acquisition module wi...
Low cost USB data acquisition module with 8 chan...
USB DAQ with 8 channel voltage signal conditioni...

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