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Document and Software Downloads

Here you can find the document, software and application notes for our products.
iUSBDAQ Document and Software Downloads:
iUSBDAQ User Manual    iUSBDAQ Specifications

iUSBDAQ Driver, Programming API, Programming Examples

iUSBDAQ_FAQ ( frequently asked questions)
3D Webcam Document and Software Downloads:
Stereo 3D Webcam Driver

How to Setup Webcam

User Manual(PDF)

Frequent Asked Questions For 3D Webcam

LabVIEW Toolkit Downloads:
IVision LabVIEW Toolkits
PTPCam LabVIEW Toolkits

Example Software Designed by HYTEK Automation:

A golf putting monitor that integrates iUSBDAQ - U120816 for COP, Squareness, Toe Height, Path measurements.

Weight Right - A Golf Swing Training System

Fluorescence Ratio Imaging Software

Video Training Partner Software

Data and video capturing system for golf, baseball training, physical therapy

Remote control USB DAQ with web browser

A scalable test executive with build in video monitoring capability

USB Data Acquisition Application Notes :

iUSBDAQ - U1208AO can be used as low frequency signal generator
iUSBDAQ PWM outputs can be converted to analog outputs.

USB Data Acquisition Application Notes (chinese):







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