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USB Data Acquisition Modules Stereo 3D Camera
Our USB data acquisition modules are shipped to over 40
countries in the world. They have been used in industry,
academic and hobby projects. We provide lowest cost USB data
acquisition modules as well as unique "3 in 1" USB DAQ. It can
work with PC control or work as a standalone data logger
without PC and log data directly into USB flash disk. We provide
complete software support for our USB DAQ, including "ready to
run" test and control software, API, SDK and examples with
source code for many programming languages such as C/C++,, LabVIEW LLB, VB etc.
We are the pioneers in 3D webcam design. As early as 2006,
we have provide 3D webcam suites for commercial use,
designed the general stereo 3D webcam driver. The stereo 3D
webcam driver has been downloaded by thousands users
worldwide. It gets many 5 star awards in internet and many
positive feedback from our customers.
LabVIEW Toolkits Weight Shift Force Plate for Golf Training
We provide LabVIEW toolkits for digital cameras, such as Nikon.
Our IVision LabVIEW toolkit is widely used by customers
worldwide. It provides over 420 vis, functions cover USB/firewire
camera driver, video streaming and blending functions as well
as image processing functions.
The key to the Weight Shift Force Plate for Golf Training System
is the measurement of the movement of the center of gravity
(COG) in the golf swing along with video recording of golfer's full
swing. Research has shown that there are good COG patterns
and bad COG patterns. By learning to identify the good from the
bad, an instructor can help a student learn the golf swing in a
more effective and efficient manner. Other systems out there in
the market are either just COG measurement system or just
video only system. Our force plate system combines both data
and video capturing in a synchronized way, it detects and gives
notification when weight center is within certain zones or when
certain body part in video is within certain predefined regions.
Signal Conditioning Modules Accessories
We provide some signal conditioning modules to work with
our USB data acquisition modules, including voltage
divider/shifter, instrumentation amplifiers etc. It provides the
solutions to users for sensor data acquisition or small signal
data acquisition or wide range voltage data acquisition.
We provide some accessories for our products.
These accessories are all tested to prove working with
our related products.

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