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HYTEK Automation, Inc.

We are a team of engineers who are very experienced in LabVIEW, C/C++, and programming and hardware design. Our expertise area are data acquisition and
image acquisition. Our main products are USB data acquisition modules, data acquisition
and image acquisition software, stereo 3D camera and weight shift force plate for golf
training. Our products have been shipped to over 40 countries. We are your great resources
for industry project, hobby project, small budget project and academic project.
Web services for USB DAQ
Web services APIs for iUSBDAQ with video engine. Control, log
data and see your remote USB DAQ from anywhere in the world. F
ree web based client app...
iUSBDAQ - U120816
Lowest cost USB data acquisition module with 8 channels 12bit
analog inputs, 16 bi-directional DIOs, 2 PWM outputs, one 16bi
t counter.
IVISION LabVIEW toolkit is a LabVIEW camera and video toolkit
with image processing functions, over 420vis.
Nikon Dx LabVIEW Toolkit
Nikon LabVIEW toolkit for D90, D100, D300 with live image func
tion etc.

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