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Logger Data Conversion (Downloadable)

This is a light utility software that converts the raw data file from USB flash disk (for U1208LOG module) to Excel *.
csv file without using the iDAQTest&Log Software.
This utility is a light version software that converts the U1208LOG USB flash disk raw data
to EXCEL compatible file. No USB data acquisition modules need to be connected in order
to use this conversion software.

Logger Data Conversion Software Interface:

Data file format in Excel after the conversion:
Data order from A - Q are: AI0,AI1,AI2,AI3,AI4,AI5,AI6,AI7,DIO1-DIO8 as a byte, DIO9-DIO16 as a byte,
counter value, year, month, day, hour, minute, second
Software Download:iUSBDAQ - U1208LOG Raw Data Conversion Software

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