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Voltage Divider DIV8 (In Stock)

8 channels voltage divider/shifter that can convert ±10V, ±5V or 0-10V to iUSBDAQ measurable range of 0-4V. Isolated out
This is a 8 channels voltage divider. There are three input voltage ranges for selection:
0-10V, ±10V, ±5V
the divider will convert voltage to output 0-4V, which falls into iUSBDAQ measuring range.
The outputs are isolated with buffering amplifiers.
Please specify the range when purchasing.
The default range is ±5V without specification.

The voltage conversion can be calculated based on below forms:
0-10V: Vout=0.4VIN
±5V: Vout=0.39791VIN +2.05875
±10V: Vout=0.19718VIN+2.07685
VIN: Input voltage
Vout;Output voltage
Size: 50mm*30mm
Input side: screw terminals with pins AGND Vin1 Vin2 AGND Vin3 Vin4 AGND Vin5 Vin6 AGND Vin7 Vin8
Output side: pins are +5V AGND Vout1 Vout2 AGND Vout3 Vout4 AGND Vout5 Vout6 AGND Vout7 Vout8.
Output pins can be directly plug into iUSBDAQ pin 1 - pin 13 as showed at below image.

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