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HYTEK 3D iVCam2.0 (In Stock)

Most output video modes, high resolution, low cost 3D webcam. Shipped worldwide since year 2006.
This is high resolution stereo 3D webcam suite, with dual cameras setup. It was
first commercially available on the market in year 2006. Since then it has been shipped worldwide.

The dual camera's setup can be adjusted at horizontal/vertical direction as well as the
distance between two cameras. This provides more flexibilities for camera's alignment, 3D
depth adjustment and base object distance selection. Besides it still keeps the two
webcams as two separate devices, much better than fixed single 3D webcam's design in
terms of value and functionalities. And the 12 different video mixing modes provide multiple
2D and 3D viewing methods besides anaglyph 3D.
Start revolutionize your online video chatting experience and shoot 3D movie today!
A video shoot with HYTEK 3D iVCam2.0 is posted on Youtube, check out this link.

A low cost value pack costs only $59USD! Package includes:
Two USB PC Cameras (camera exterior color and shape may vary from time to time
because we always update the webcams to the newer and better quality ones.)
(Max. resolution up to 2560x1920, max. frame rate up to 30fps, CMOS, 24bit RGB etc.)
Eight pairs of red/cyan glasses
One free license of HYTEK stereo 3D camera driver. (valued at $29USD)
One 3D camera mounting bottom, it could be a triport or a fixture.
Software CD

Below is most currently selected webcam sets' image.

Key Features of HYTEK Stereo 3D Camera Driver:
Creates a virtual dual camera or 3D camera that gathers video from two physical cameras.
Compatible with MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, QQ, ICUII and other video chatting software, video conferencing/chat in 3D
12 different video mixing output modes: left, right, side by side, side by side with ratio, up and down, up and down with ratio,
3D color anaglyph, 3D gray anaglyph, 3D true anaglyph, 2D in 3D, 3D in 2D. Can be configured in filter property page. The last
settings will be remembered for next time loading.
Easy plug into Directshow compatible applications such as AMCAP, Windows Media Encoder etc software to record 3D anaglyph
video movies.
For software developer: upgrade single camera software to dual cameras without or with little code changes because the driver is
the camera, it takes care of getting video from two real cameras and mix them.
Works with adobe flash player, publish your online webcam in 3D or with more aspects because of two video sources.
Works with any webcams (USB or firewire) that support RGB24 and 320x240 or 640x480, such as logitech quickcam,
and this high resolution 3D webcam suite.
Provide pin property page for left and right camera selection and set video output size. The last settings will be remembered for
next time loading.
Used for personal or company 3D video conferencing, indstry dual camera monitoring system or stereo camera system etc.

System Requirement:
OS: Winxp, Window's vista (32bit), CPU: 2.4GHZ or up, RAM: 512M or up, two 2.0 ports or firewire ports if your cameras are
firewire cameras, 200M hard disk free space, two USB or firewire cameras/webcams that support WDM driver or Directshow.
Depends on the camera type you use, some cameras may require better CPU rate or dual core and two USB2.0 ports or firewire ports
may need to be located at two separate USB2.0 or firewire root controller card to get enough bandwidth.
Free Download:
Stereo 3D Camera Driver, User Manual (PDF)
User Manual (html format), Frequent Asked Questions

Left side is an 3D image with hands out of
the screen effects. It maybe harder for
some people not used to 3D, but look
closer to the screen (because the hands
are very close to the cameras) and try to
register your brain so that red and cyan
shadow will overlay each other, you will
see the 3D effect.

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