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5V USB Lithium Battery Pack (In Stock)

5V pocket-size lithium battery pack with USB connector. This battery pack has been tested to work with iUSBDAQ - U1208LO
G in standalone data logger mode.
This is a rechargable 5V USB battery pack. It comes with it’s own battery charger. The
output voltage is compatible with our USB DAQ model, the iUSBDAQ - U1208LOG when
working in standalone mode. It has been tested in our lab to last over 9 hours when
logging data with U1208LOG logger.

Technical Information:
Charger Output:12.6VDC
Battery Output Voltage:5VDC
Battery Output Current Hour:4800mAh

Package includes:
Wall AC Charger:AC input: 110V - 220V. Output: 12.6VDC.
5V USB Battery: USB port and a start switch on board.
There are some battery packs on the market also marked 5V output, but it's voltage can
swing big, may not working with U1208LOG module. This one has been tested to work.
Below shows a picture when working with U1208LOG to log data directly into USB flash
disk in standalone logger mode.
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